About Us

 Aristotle Knight is a 12-year old Maltese, who lives on the Upper West side of Manhattan and has a passion for fashion. He loves dressing up and especially loves the luxury of wearing cashmere sweaters.  This American brand launched in 2015, offering luxurious 6 ply cashmere fashion forward dog sweaters all with a heart on the chest.  The idea for this luxury sweater line came from his owner who's a fashion designer with over 25 years of industry experience.  Millions of women and men nationwide have worn her designs. She has successfully retailed in all the major department stores as well as specialty stores and boutiques.  Her designs have appeared in fashion magazines and have been worn by famous models, celebrities, tv personalities and politicians.  

 Aristotle Knight sweaters are all handcrafted out of the finest cashmere from the belly of a Mongolian cashmere goat. This type of cashmere  is the softest fiber and fells great against the dogs body and the person touching or holding the dog.  This cashmere can be worn year round, keeping the dog warm, cool  and comfortable along with protecting the dog's skin or coat. So with her worldwide sourcing contacts, Aristotle's owner was able to design stylish pieces for every dog.  We hope you love these sweaters as much as Aristotle and his friends do.